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declaration of independenceAs frightening it is for me to think about it…I think I’m becoming a history geek. Well, maybe “geek” is too strong. But, after student teaching in a 6th grade Social Studies class I am hooked. So, naturally my favorite blog was by Glenn Wiebe called History Tech.

Glenn is a history teacher turned technology geek and curriculum specialist. He has a lot of great ideas for using all types of technology to teach History. One of my favorite blogs he wrote was about making a Facebook page on Abraham Lincoln. I LOVED this idea. Any historical figure could be studied this way. Glenn teaches how to create the dummy Facebook page and gives ideas how to use the page. The link to this post is below.

This got me thinking. In Facebook you can create events and invite people to them. This feature could be used for studying significant events in history as well. By having the students respond and post to these pages, it can become a flipped classroom (my second favorite blog). Pictures (primary sources), videos, and linked pages can be shared with the students.

Another of my favorite posts by Glenn is using primary sources in the classroom. I’ve also posted that link below. What is particularly cool is that he has posted a Primary Sources page with a ton of links to primary source websites. My Mentor Teacher, Nicole, used primary sources so I naturally fell into that same practice when doing my takeover weeks. Primary sources were a great way for the students to critically think about what they were seeing instead of seeing it through someone else’s eyes. I’ve included that link below too.

Glenn is also really interested in video games and has a link to a whole presentation on how to integrate video games into teaching. I need to think about this more because I’m not totally sold here. Glenn has a list of games and how they relate to Bloom’s Taxonomy. While I get this part, I’m not sold on how it relates to “content knowledge.”

While the History Tech is primarily History focused, I think it would be interesting and fun to try to apply some of these ideas to other subject areas.

I mentioned my second favorite blogs were by the Flipped Learning Network. I explored here because I wanted to learn more about flipped classrooms. Again, I return to my Mentor Teacher, Nicole. The last few days of my time in her classroom, she was trying out the flipped classroom concept. She gave the students reading assignments and questions to answer at home to introduce some topics around the Civil War. This was my first exposure to anything like a flipped classroom. I want to read more of the blogs to get a good understanding of how this works, especially since I will have a flipped classroom assignment in ED554. I’ll admit; however, I am not looking forward to videotaping myself. After all, the camera adds 10 pounds!

Stay tuned…


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