You, too, can be read to!

Once upon a time there was a little child who loved books..and not just any book but EVERY book.  The child loved to have books read to her at night before bedtime.  How wonderful it was for her to hear the different characters in the book come alive.  Now the child is all grown up and still has a love of books.  The child has become the reader, inventing the voices so that the books can come alive for other children…and the cycle continues.

Can you remember being read to when you were younger?  Those times I read to my children were magical.  Picking the book was a challenge because of so many choices and so little time.  Then we’d snuggle under the covers and get lost in the story.  Sometimes sleep overtook us before we could finish, sometimes I had to say no more books tonight.  These are some of my most favorite memories.

Many think these read-alouds are just for the young pre-readers.  Au contraire!  Students of all ages enjoy being read to.  Whether a short picture book or a book that challenges, the lyrical sound of the voice and the mesmerizing tale … well let’s just say you NEVER outgrow that.  As the reader, I too get joy from reading to students.  I read at least one book, but usually more, to my Kinders every day.  Sometimes they were quiet, sometimes they giggled, oftentimes they joined in.  How I loved it when I heard, “I love this book!”  In my student teaching placement in 6th grade I used picture books to teach a lesson figurative language.  The students got so lost in the books they almost forgot the assignment!  I also chose a picture book to share with the students during our lesson on the Underground Railroad – Henry’s Freedom Box by Ellen Levine, illustrated by Kadir Nelson.  You could have heard a pin drop. The students were mesmerized.  I read it four times, to four different classes and they all reacted the same way.  It elicited a great discussion afterwards, too.

Well, if you’ve been missing this now it’s your turn for a read-aloud.  I worked with some peers to create a digital storytelling project and we chose the book Parts by Tedd Arnold.  It is a silly rhyming story with fun and creative illustrations.  We took a few liberties and created some of our own “illustrations”, added a few sound effects, and generally just had fun.  I hope you enjoy it!

If you want to grab a blankie first….I’ll wait for you!

Stay tuned…


3 thoughts on “You, too, can be read to!

  1. Love this article. The storytelling project reminds me of “the old days” when I used to record books on (gasp) a cassette to put with the book in the reading corner. In our family, we still read aloud to each other (all adults), though now it’s interesting news stories or perhaps a paragraph or two from a book one is reading and wants to share. It’s a gift that can be shared forever. I’ve told my children that when I’m old and can’t read for myself, I expect them to read to me.

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