Field Trip by Google

I watched the podcast by ToolZeit about the free Google app called Field Trip.  It is a pretty neat app that has implications for the classroom. Renee and Fred are the hosts and they give a short but thorough evaluation of the app.  What I found even more interesting; however, is that every Monday, Wednesday and Friday they evaluate tools and apps that may be of use for teachers, students, or even tools for your personal life.  They can be found on the EdReach home page.  I have attended many Webinars in my working life before changing careers.  What my employer liked most is that so many are free!  I also attended one this year as a kindergarten IA.  I would definitely continue to use podcasts for professional development.  They are easy, convenient, and offer many interesting topics.


2 thoughts on “Field Trip by Google

  1. It’s interesting that we reviewed the same podcast! I thought that I would really like the one on the field trip app. It seemed like a great possibility for the classroom. I was distracted by the background of the video and not a fan of the description that they provided. I might have liked it more if i had been able to see screen shots of the app. I would still give it a try in the classroom. I’m open to the idea of using podcasts; just didn’t like this one.

    • Screenshots would have been pretty cool, especially for a visual learner like myself! I remember going on a “photography field trip” with my daughter to Old Town Alexandria. It would have been cool to have this app so we could get information tidbits while she was taking the photos!

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