The Eyes Have It

The eyes have itRemember your 9th grade biology class and Punnett Squares?  You know the one where , simply put, the four-square box of letters help predict the traits you’ll inherit from your parents.

Well, all 3 of our boys inherited brown eyes from their Dad and me.  Yes, they ARE dreamy…and that’s completely unbiased.  But, our daughter was blessed with green eyes like her mother and her mother before her.  My Green-Eyed Girl  has had quite the weekend – graduation from high school one day and her 18th birthday the next.  But for me it seems like just yesterday she was a little blonde girl toddling around with her baby doll wearing her Dad’s socks.

When she was a little girl we used to sing Van Morrison’s “Brown-eyed Girl” to her but substituted “green-eyed girl.”  She literally cried when she was old enough to learn the real words to the song.  I can still remember the day she heard it on the car radio and said, “They’re singing it wrong.”  And now, in the blink of an eye she stands before me a beautiful young lady with a sweet spirit, infectious smile, and the whole world before her for the taking.  She’s charming, smart, funny, creative, and has a heart as big as the moon.

I wonder if her college of choice realizes how lucky they are to get her.   I know how incredibly blessed I am to have  enjoyed these last 18 years with her.  If I think too long and hard about it, I get melancholy and weepy anticipating the day we pack her up and send her South.  But I won’t let myself go there yet.  For now,  I will celebrate with my green-eyed girl.  We will laugh, cuddle, and act silly.  Missing her is for tomorrow…today is for singing!

Green eyed girlCongratulations Sweet Bailey!

You make my heart sing!

I love, love, love You!

And for the rest of you, hopefully you’ll never listen to Brown-Eyed Girl the same way again!  Stay tuned…